Dissapointed with 2500a (slow ripping + bad reads)

I took delivery of a 2500a yesterday, along with a tub of Datasafe G04’s. First off the drive would burn them fine enough but when verifying them it just couldn’t read them. The discs it writes it can’t read. When trying to copy to the HDD it gives Cyclic Redundancy Errors and takes hours to copy…OK, so fair enough I have to not buy Datasafe media anymore, but not a good start.

Secondly, I’m having real problems with the ripping speed. Before applying any hacked firmware it would rip @ 2.2x. After flashing with the hacked 1.06 firmware to remove the rip lock the drive still rips @ around 2.4x. My £10 Sony Drive rips over twice as fast with the same disc on the same IDE channel. (swapped out)…

Am I missing something here? or have I made a poor purchase? I hope I haven’t. :frowning:

Checked if DMA is enabled for the drive?

Yes there is some reported problems with ritekG04 discs.

With the hacked firmware it should rip dual layer discs from a bit over 3x to 8x CAV max.

Is 2.4x the average speed for a full disc? or just the start start speed?

Originally posted by OC-Freak
[B]Checked if DMA is enabled for the drive?

Is 2.4x the average speed for a full disc? or just the start start speed? [/B]

Yep, DMA is enabled. 2.4x was the speed through the whole disc.

If all you’re interested is increasing the rip speed, use The Dangerous Brothers rip lock free firmware.

It won’t read any of my Datawrite 4x DVD-4 now either :-/

I think it’s gotta go back

I’ll trade you a perfect plex 708a for it…hahah…those dvd’s have to go not the drive RITEK DONT WORK WITH THIS DRIVE!!!
And thank god there no GO4’s around here to buy…free i wouldnt take them