Dissapointed in label project results!

I just purchased a brand new Canon MP620 printer and I use the Acoustica CD & DVD Label Maker software to print out professional-looking jewel case and inserts and CD & DVD labels.

Yesterday I gave my new printer a test run on a project using the Avery 8693 Jewel Case inserts and the 8691 CD Labels. I had picked a fairly bright red background for the back and a red JPEG that I downloaded for the front. I also used the same red background color as the back of the jewel case for the CD label.

I started printing out the back of the jewel case first and I must say, I was less than impressed with the results. The red colors looked washed out, which my gut feeling tells me is because the jewel case paper is rather thick, rough and porous.

The front of the jewel case printed out a little better than the back but the CD label printed out great with the color being almost identical to that which was in the software. I believe that’s because the CD label paper is way thinner and has a coating on it.

But I just think I can get better results for the jewel case inserts either by making some adjustments in the printing preferences of my printer or by trying a different brand of paper jewel case insert.

Both Canon and Avery reps have been no help at all. First of all, Canon tells me that they don’t support any paper other than their own, even though they don’t make a jewel case insert. They also told me to poke around under “Printing Preferences” and “Media Type” where I can choose another type of paper, but it’s not like there are a lot of choices.

Most of them are related to photo paper, but there is an option for Matt Photo Paper and High Resolution Paper that I might try. Canon also said to play around in the “Color/Intensity” settings where I can adjust the brightness and such, but I really don’t think that’s going to make much difference, though I could be wrong.

So who knows…maybe what I printed out for the jewel case inserts is the best I can get, but I’d like to think I can do better. I will be playing around with some of those settings, but not to a point where I use up all my ink and paper in one day trying to get the perfect print!

So I’d be open to hearing some recommendations for different brands/types of paper templates along with any other advice you can give.

None of the store-bought inserts and covers are worth a crap, to put it bluntly. Cheap card stock and not designed for photo-quality printing.

As for CD labels, I hope you’re not sticking paper labels on your discs! :disagree:
Good results are always the result of the combination of paper, ink and driver settings. If the paper stock is not inkjet coated, the photo paper and “high res” paper settings won’t do much except put more ink in the paper, might even look worse. Your 620 is certainly capable of stunning quality with the right paper.

Any decent quality “premium inkjet” paper will give excellent looking results, but if you want heavier stock, photo papers will be better in that regard. For 2-sided printing you need paper that’s designed for that. 32# or heavier is usually best.

You have to create a Profile in the printer settings to compensate for varying paper/ink combinations. You can buy software to assist in the process or do it by trial and error (waste ink/paper).

Here are a few links to help:

(warning - reading these will make your head spin!)

(This link is from a company that sells Profile Prism - I don’t own it yet, but am thinking about buy it.)




Why is it bad to stick paper labels on discs? I use very thin Avery disc label paper and have never had any problems!

Try leaving them in a car changer a few months and you’ll see why putting paper labels on is a bad idea:cool: If your going to never transport them or expose them to damp conditions they may hold up fine for a long time but if you all ready have a disk capable printer and some blanks you’ll be much better off.