Disposable DVD?

Will it be possible to copy them and keep them after the 48hours? or will it be legal to do so?

It’s the DVD that has a life expectancy similar to that of the common fruit fly. The discs, which have no bonus features, can be played an unlimited number of times for 48 hours once the disc is removed from the packaging. On the other hand, there are no returns or late fees to worry about. Buena Vista Home Video has noticed an increase of acceptance so they have expanded the test market. Plus, they have dropped the price to a tempting $US 5.99.

Beginning in April, Disney will introduce the limited-play discs in Phoenix, San Antonio, Denver and throughout Florida. The discs are currently being sold in Kansas City, Mo.; Charleston, S.C.; Austin, Texas; and Bloomington/Peoria, Ill.

Disney disposable DVD Check the link for more information

It’s a physical thing. After 48 hours you won’t be able to use the original anymore. The copy should be no problem.