Displays welcome all of the time

My Sony RDR-GX-120 displays the welcome sign all of the time. The on/stand by button switches off the machine but it restarts to the welcome sign whether you leave it pressed or not. I have tried holding down various buttons and combination of buttons but nothing else happens. Any ideas?

Is it connected to a TV by HDMI perhaps? I believe some HDMI connections can control the connected devices.

Thanks for the response. No, it is connected by a scart to a Sony Trintron television. It previously worked and stopped a few weeks ago. Then it worked for a week then stopped again.

Try unpluging the Sony RDR-GX-120 from the power for about 1/2 hour then plug it back in & give it a try.
This resets a lot of electronics & on some it doesn’t but worth a try.