DisplayLink allows 4K monitors to connect using USB and WiGig

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Sounds about as useful a pair of socks for the burrito I ate for lunch. Seriously, unless you have either binocular vision, or a TV the size of a Bill Gates’ house, there really is no need for 4k. I’ve had arguements over whether 1080p is necissary. Usually, the people who feel the strongest about the “necessity” of 1080p are the ones who are also complaining that they forgot their glasses (I don’t wear glasses, btw).

4k is going to open the way to equivocate computer screens and “lines” in a monitor. But with 8k being bandied about, AND the fact that the data streams are going to be monstrous… I’ll wait and see.

4 times the resolution of 1080p, and h265 means 50% compression at the same quality means that streams will be 4x 50% = 200% , double a 1080p steam.
100GB bluray will do it fine.

Most movies would probably fit 4k2k version on a 50GB bluray.
In terms of animated films, they could potentially fit a 4k2k film on a 25GB bluray using h265 without anyone noticing the difference.

I am annoyed that many HDTVs of smaller size are not 1080p 32" and under. We’ve had computer monitors with 1080p (1920 x 1080) for quite a long time. Newer monitors are now approaching 2k & 4k resolutions… there just are not many real reasons to use the resolution. 4k is more a gimmick concept than useful… What’s more likely to happen is the sets will become hybrids with 2k and 4k the way 720 and 1080 have become standards, but expect plenty of UP-SAMPLING… 4k video recorders are CRAZY expensive… you will only see sources for Sports casting, that’s why your cable bill will jump by at least $10 in the coming years for this innovation alone.

[QUOTE=tmc8080;2700094]We’ve had computer monitors with 1080p (1920 x 1080) for quite a long time.[/QUOTE]

We’ve had computer monitors with 2560*1600 resolution for quite a long time. I had two in 2007. I think the typical A4 panel price tended to be around US$200.

4k video recorders are CRAZY expensive…

The Galaxy Note 3 can take 38402160 video though nobody should expect video quality from it superior to that from far more powerful lens and sensors. 19201080 camcorders - at the end of the other century - used to cost thousands to tens of thousnads of dollars as well. Camcorders capable of taking UHD and beyond need not stay prohibitingly expensive forever.

I’ve been to a few shows lately with 4K monitors being used for big-screen demos and those are most impressive. The vendors with those draw the crowds while the ‘old’ 1080 booths suffer in the across a convention-floor comparison.

(I’m thinking of my 300-shortcut desktop Win8 user and what they’d do with a 40-inch 4k unit. Gag. I’d be an extra hour trying to locate any single shortcut - er, tile.)