Display Write Speed 1click Pro?

I was wondering if the Pro version of 1Click could display the write speed while burning like 1Click would. 1Click would show the instant and the average speed on the fly while the Pro version only seems to show it in the log. Since I am using the trial version I don’t have much time to experiment!

It has been asked for … repeatedly .
You may see it in future updates … but not in the present .

I agree , I miss this ‘tool’ also …

Look at your final “Average Burn Speed” in your Log to “Judge” ; for now
The Higher the “Average” is - as compared to the 'Speed Requested"
is a pretty good indication of ‘how you’re doing’

To adjust 'Write Speed" = Use the “Right Click” menu
( right click anywhere on the interface )

Is there something I could help you with ?
You could Post your >>F8 log … for some “critique”


I would also love to see that implemented but when 1Click did have it, it wansn’t their product that had that, it was the VSO CopytoDVD burn engine. They now use there own burn engine so CopytoDVDse is not displayed.

Thanks for the info, maybe we will see it in a future release.