Display problem with DVD (help!)

Hi, I’m a newbie from Australia. I live in a country area where there is little or no TV reception.As a result I download and burn programs to DVD. I use “ConvertXto DVD” to make playable DVD’s in a widescreen format. Heres the problem. I own a wide screen Sony KLV-32S200A LCD TV, but the DVD player I use crops the picture, zooming in closer than I want it to, resulting in poorer picture quality and cropped titles and image. The model in question is a Panasonic NV-VP32 Series . I have read the instruction manual from cover to cover but can only find ways to zoom in even closer. I can find no way to pull out and show more of the picture in a letterbox/widescreen format.My question is whether there is any way to cure this or is it just a default setting I am stuck with?
I briefly borrowed a Sony DVD player from a friend to diagnose the problem and it played back my DVD’s in widescreen format with no adjustments whatsoever, so the problem must be with the Panasonic. Can anyone out there offer a solution (other than buy a Sony!) ?

If you dvd player won’t do the conversion, the only solution is to buy a player that will.

So what have you exactly set the TV aspect to in the Video settings? It should be 16:9 but it’s behaving more like fit to screen or 4:3 pan & scan.

This is from page 44 of your user manual, sorry that the formatting didn’t come over.
I would have thought this covered your problem.

The picture shown on the TV is
not normal.
(The sides of the picture are cut
off, the picture is stretched
horizontally, or black bands
appear at the top and bottom of
the screen.)
≥Go to “Video” in the SETUP menu, and change “TV Aspect” to suit your TV.
≥Change the aspect of TV to the correct one.
If your TV cannot change the aspect when input is progressive,
go to “Video” in the SETUP menu, and change “TV Aspect” to suit your TV. If the problem
still persists, select “Progressive Out (Component)” to cancel the progressive output
from the menu.
≥Turn off the zooming feature of your TV if you are using Variable Zoom.
≥Ensure that the unit is connected directly to the TV, and is not connected through an A/V
selector or other equipment.
≥Connect to the component video input terminals on a 480P compatible TV (Video will not
be displayed correctly if connected to an incompatible TV).
13, 41

Thanks for your help guys