Display Issue with DVD Region+CSS Free


I recently installed the trial version of DVD Region+CSS Free in an effort to play my DVDs on a HDTV at 1080i with my HTPC and avoid the HDCP encryption which limits playback. DVD Region+CSS Free has allowed playback; but, I have noticed that the image produced in all my DVD players have shrunk the image, with large blank areas to all four sides of the video playback, despite the aspect ratio used. In addition I have noticed a lot of flickering at the top of the screen. Is there a fix for this issues? Thanks

Players Used:

Windows Media Player 11
TheaterTek 2.5

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Unfortunately, the program you mentioned seems to be abandoned and I doubt it was intended for what you’re trying.


I am not an expert with HDTV but try DVDFab HD Decrypter and see if that helps. Others might have better advises.