Display divx 4:3 on standalone dvd player

I edit my own video using Pinnacle Studio and create dvds of it. Source video in 4:3 format. Also editing is in 4:3 format. The result on dvd also is 4:3 format. When playing this on my dvd player the picture is shown in 16:9 format. Of course the picture is stretched a bit, but there are no black borders on the left and right side.

Now I want to make backups of these dvds by converting them into divx files. I’m using ImTOO DVD ripper for this. The result of course are 4:3 divx files. Next thing I tried to play the divx file on my stand alone dvd player (it is capable of playing divx files), but it shows the picture in 4:3 format, showing a black border on the left and right. What option I try in ImTOO DVD ripper (aspect ratio, zoom set to letterbox, pan and scan of full), it does not help.

So what I want is the divx file created in 4:3 formaat is (so the file wil be shown in 4:3 on my pc), but the dvd player combined with the tv has to show the picture on the whole screen in 16:9.

What am I missing or what can I do the achieve this?

make sure: you do highlight the DVD before adjusting

then, play the output divx file(i.e. the file has been ripped) on your computer, see whether it is 16:9