Display adapter problem



ive had this problem for three days now:a

every time i format my computer it runs fine.
Windows finishes installing, fine…:slight_smile:
Motherboard drivers install, fine…:slight_smile:
Try installing graphics card, not fine:(

Once ive finished installing these drivers i restart the computer and windows wont start up again.:eek:

it gets up to the starting windows 98 screen after bootup, freezes and restarts itself:confused:

it can start in safe mode or nothin’ thats it

ive tryed everything, even the windows troubleshooters, and nothing helps. once i install those graphics card drivers it won’t start.

In order to have it working, i either have to keep the standard vga drivers (which are obviously crap, especially cos’ i have a GEFORCE 4 TI4200!!!) or use it in safe mode.

The odd thing about it is that it just happened after doing a format which i have done plenty of times before?!?!?!:confused:


There can be quite a lot of causes for this problem, but as this just happened after the format, I somehow assume there’s a problem with the drivers you are using. Did you already try to use other (newer/older) Detonator drivers? You can get plenty of versions from www.guru3d.com (or this site).


Exactly how are you formating?


i format in ms-dos
(c:\format c:<enter>)

I do have a set of newer drivers that i got about two/three months ago, i used these to replace the old ones and the same thing happens:confused:

could it be to do with bios?


what are your settings for agp/vga in your bios


I had a similiar problem like that I have G-force 4 4600 ti 128 mg card, and found out though the nvidia site of conflicts with my motherboard I had a ABit I changed it to a GIGABYTE and all is well also as was stated look at the drivers, also make sure the video card is not on the same IRQ that may be a problem also,