Disney's Chicken Little runtime error in DVD Shrink

Region 1 (USA) Disney’s Chicken Little ripped with DVDFAB Decrypter v3.9.83 causes runtime errors when files accessed by DVD Shrink v3.2.0.15, resulting in abnormal program termination.

Drive is Sony DRX-820U. No firmware updates available to date.

Will try RipIt4Me next.

hey teh roxxors I was able to back up Chicken Little with dvd shrink and anydvd without any problems using a Sony burner.Hope this helps.

Hey, sure – sounds like AnyDVD is one hot piece of software, and the developers keep up with the latest protection schemes.

I’m not knowledgeable enough to identify this issue with any more specificity than to say the files extracted by DVDFAB Decrypter could not be opened by DVD Shrink; the result was always a runtime error and abnormal program termination. The first instance occured as the initial preview stage in DVD Shrink was nearly complete. Subsequent crashes occured immediately when trying to open the files.

After ripping with RipIt4Me and processing by FixVTS, the files could be opened in DVD Shrink without error.

I hope this is helpful.

I’m happy I was able to make a backup, as the kids aren’t very careful with their DVDs, and I can’t afford to replace them.

My kids are the exact reason I back up my dvds.Also forgetful friends are another good reason.Anydvd is a great program and well worth the money.Kalmknight

teh roxxors,

Were you trying to back up the entire disk or just the movie?