Disney uses night goggles to guard movie against pirates

I just posted the article Disney uses night goggles to guard movie against pirates.

Disneys new blockbuster “Finding Nemo” will be protected with night goggles against movie pirates. The equipment that is able to see in dark rooms will be used to detect people that are…

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Get real 26 years in prison for taping a movie at a theater? You don’t even get that for murder or re. Sorry the government is real F*ed up. The poor guy gets 26 years in prison, an imate asks what did you ya do son, and he would reply I got caught taping a disney film at the theater. Even the warden would die laughing, they would kick him out of prison. You simply cannot levy such penalty against an individivual. In that case if someone walks into a store and picks up some candy worth 12cents and walks out without paying! “Is 15 years in prison on the cards”?? Who is running the goverment??:S greetx :wink:

He wont get 26 years! 26 years is the maximum prison time for GRAND THEFT, which is what he’s presumably being charged with. This is of course pushing it out of all proportion. Legally, piracy is theft, and it might have got to a lot of people, but no judge would pass such a sentence.

If the Guards are wearing “Mickey Mouse” or “Goofy” character costumes while monitoring the Disney audience, the night vision goggles and metal detecting wands, could leave a permanent traumatic scar on small children for the rest of thier lives. :s
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I’m all for being tough on these people video taping movies, although 26 years is too much. The numbers seem reversed when a rapist gets 3 years, and a video-taper (might get) 26.

hope the gaurds were well paid FTF Presents: Finding Nemo. 29th may 2003 lol :wink:

If that is the case then, we as a whole should be locked up. Oh wait we are locked up except that we just have more limited rights. :wink: No difference between jail and real life. We are still under constraint via taxes, stupid laws, and local government. We are pucked. :B

Finding Nemo is out too download, I guess you all know where, can’t say they might come and give me 50yrs for withholding information LMAO:B:g;) The one thing that stopped me d/l is in less than 2 weeks I will get me line activated for BroadBand at last, a long time coming, then a new 200gig drive is on the cards:B Greetz lol:S

I think they forgot to load the N/V goggles with batteries :d

Does rape and murder hurt the bottom line at the MPAA? The second it does you can bet they will lobby to enforce or create new laws.

26 years is ridiculas. This guy would watch rapists and murderers going in and out of his prison while he was still serving his sentence. This is why I have NO respect for the law. It’s a total load of BS!

come on, not even in the US you would get 26 years for taping a stupid hollywood movie! I don’t believe it. here in Germany many people get 7 years for murder, as far as I know from tv, please don’t tell me that in the US you get 26 years for a small theft. if it’s true, I don’t want to know the punishment for murder. 10x electrical chair? they roast the body 10 times, till nothing is left? putting 10 poison needles inside your body? ridiculous! these are Dark Ages methods.

It’s a bit misleading, the title of this article. Is it really disney using night goggles? If so, then there is some major irony. A company that makes kids see a whitewashed world of adventure and good old moral values puts people in jail, like lets say a daddy or mommy. It is my observation that the lack of information in Disney content actually lowers kids IQs. They are less aware of real world conditions, since they are conditioned at a young age by Disney’s beliefs. Does it not seem as though kids are affected most during younger age by what they see than not. It is all a joke.

A lot ot you are missing the point made by “the111”: NOBODY WILL GET 26 YEARS! That is the maximum penalty for grand theft. Bigger theft = bigger penalty. It would probably be like the settlement the RIAA made with those college students a while back. They COULD have gone to court to ask for the maximum $150,000 (??) per song, but settled for a total of around $20,000. Still a lot of money, but hardly life-ending.

OK, how do you get numbers to show up correctly? :stuck_out_tongue: