Disney to develop original titles in HD for release on Blu-ray

I just posted the article Disney to develop original titles in HD for release on Blu-ray.

 Walt Disney  co.'s Buena Vista Home Entertainment, which backs the Blu-ray  format          is expected to announce nine of  its first Blu-ray titles.  The first round of titles due for...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12102-Disney-to-develop-original-titles-in-HD-for-release-on-Blu-ray.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12102-Disney-to-develop-original-titles-in-HD-for-release-on-Blu-ray.html)

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$34.99 for a Blu-Ray movie? Jeez. I guess Disney will be Disney (unless other studios are charging the same amount). Jay and Silent Bob in Blu-Ray? :o I liked the movie, but who needs it in High Definition? Only decent movie from that list is Gone in Sixty Seconds.

I would hardly call “Gone in 60 seconds” a good movie. :wink: But I do agree on the price. At $35 a pop three movies will set you back $110 when you include tax in most states. Paying >$100 for three movies is a tad too rich for my blood.

while I agree completely that this is a bit too pricey, even if you already have the equipment, it is still cheaper than taking the family out for a night at the movies…:slight_smile:

Shame on the studios that are going after just one format, expecially the Blu Ray with its higher costs. If someone is going to find a way to rip the HD videos you can simply recode it in VC1 and put it on HD DVD-R or a cheap DVD DL. I bet that an HD movie, expecially cartoons, that usually are 1,30 hours lenght, can stay well full in a HD DVD and “film only” in a DVD DL using the best encoder available. :slight_smile:

Yeah, and a standard DVD is even cheaper than a night out. I’ll stick with that.