Disney suggestion for DVD releases irks theater owners

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Ginsu Victim used our news submit to tell us "My opinion on the matter:The average movie fan understands the choice: Pay $20 to go alone, $30 to $50 with a group, and sit in…

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Good for Disney. Maybe theater owners will wake up and start offering an experience that’s worth the price. Maybe studios will start offering movies that are worth the price too? :wink:

$30-50 in a theater? What theater are you going to? I’ve never payed more than $10.50 for a movie ticket.

I said “pay $20 to go alone” which meant after buying drinks, candy, popcorn. I said $30 to $50 in a group, that means mom, dad, the kids, friends, whoever…plus drinks, etc.

Smart move by Disney its also a good way to prevent some piracy. Hopefully this lowers prices a little bit. Would be nice to see this happen with ever movie.

Yeah man! this guy want’s to cheap on all advertising costs, since Disney has released a number of lame duck movies of late, think of the movie promo’s “see the movie at your local theatre, and buy the movie at the same time as a memento” Note that, the studio, will be able to bill all advertising and promo costs against the movie principals contract(star’s fees/percentage take minus movie costs/promo fee’s/studio take etc), thus doubling or even trippling profits for themselves(A lot will depend on how the Movie Studio will tailor or restructure movie stars contracts be it a once off fee subject to certain sales performance figures at the theatre or a percentage take like Sir Alec Guinness’s in Star Wars III A New Hope(may have been the lamest movie he ever made as a bit part, but the royalty payments sure made it worthwile over time), for in the movie business, like all Hollywood spin ‘ain’t nothin’ what it seems!’):X

heystoopid, Alec was in Episodes IV-VI not Episode III. :stuck_out_tongue: I believe that Disney would be a true trailblazer if they do this. I choose not to spend the $20+ for the ticket with corn & coke unless the movie is going to be something major… say a Star Wars or Spiderman. Needless to say the local theater mega-oogle-plex doesn’t get more than $40 from me in a year. One idea they should toss around is that people who go to the theater and pay the money for a ticket could have the option to purchase the DVD on their way out the door, well before its ‘standard’ DVD release. That is the type of ‘value added’ service that would certainly make me visit a theater more often and in turn spend more money while I’m there. Theaters are well on the way of the dinosaur with the leaps and bounds in HD and home theater. It only makes sense they bite the bullet and adjust their business plans for the 21st century.
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Last time I went to a concert, the performer had her CD’s for sale in the lobby before and after the show, along with a lot of other items. Maybe this would be a nice source of income for these theaters if they could enjoy a markup. As heystoopid says a “memento”

I think it’d be a great idea, but I think it would really hurt the theatre’s. Which I don’t really care about, because there to expensive anyways. When I go i refused to buy any food products because they are also way overpriced. it would kickass to buy the dvd right away, it saves waiting 5 months for it. Or double dipping where you see it in the theatre, then buy it when it comes out. Maybe movie theatres will just become obscelete. TV’s are getting better and bigger, and theatre’s are overpriced and annoying.

I agree, theaters are dying and don’t know how to save themselves. Thus, prices go up in hopes of continuous profit margins. Then again, I quit going to theaters - blame higher gas prices, higher ticket prices, and lack of creativity in the cesspool of selection. Wait, don’t forget piracy, cause the people watching pirated versions wouldn’t have cared either way about seeing a subquality movie anyway. :B

Interesting idea there from the Mouse… However having just come back from Florida and been to the movies with the misses four times there, I can certainly say the US cinema experience in this area is very much superior to that in the UK, for starters the price is half that of the UK, $15 versus £15, the floors and seats were clean and free from guck, against the putridness of every UK cinema I’ve been in. Although this may be the exception to the rule, I’m quite sure that if DVDs came out at the same time as the cinema releases many theatres would close. Some would remain though that perhaps offer something special, a new angle, maybe the chance to dine whilst they watch a flick or something like that? But perhaps what the Mouses angle really is about is eliminating this piracy section where films are camcordered in the cinema and then released? Although we all know that on the day of release the pirates will have a finished article on the streets in less than 30 minutes, and of course it’ll be better quality than the camcorder shite. As for the quality of what’s being turned out, that’s very much a matter of personal opinion, although my own thoughts are that everything I’ve seen this year has been good, but there’s been nothing exceptional. Of course there’s also the almightly $ in Mou$e$ words, sadly everything Di$ney comes with an almightly price tag, and certainly it’s a company targeting the well healed, or those that live on the never never. Unfortunately for Di$ney they rely on the old favourites for the bucks, and to be fair the oldies were and still are the besties, the majority of their new material sucks, visit the parks and all you see are characters from Jungle Book, Mickey, Donald and so on. Buzz and the more contemporary characters get a much smaller piece of the pie. So to some extent it makes sense for Di$ney to come up with an idea like this since most movie stinkers go straight to DVD and bypass the theatres anyway.

Don’t forget, theatre owners claim the film rentals are so expensive now that the ticket prices alone barely make them any profit, thus the high concession prices. If this is true, Diney is just the first studio trying to finish off movie theatres.

Kill the cineplex, I say. The price of larger screen televisions will drop and there will be a bigger market for them.