DISNEY, SONY, ETC. newbie needs help!



hey all. i’m totally new to this and i haven’t had all that many problems copying the dvd’s i need to copy. however, i can’t copy the new sony ones (like hitch) or the new Disney ones (like ice princess and national treasure). I’ve been looking about this online, and I do see that these supposedly have some newer kind of protection, but I’m clueless. I use DVD Cloner III for everything and I’ve tried using AnyDVD in conjunction. Still not working. I get a simple error message while it’s reading the disc and it just says “read error” and that’s it! Can anyone help or tell me what programs can do this? Thanks a bunch!


Use the latest versions of anydvd and clonedvd(slysoft) avoid dvdcloner not the best app for backups. Just use anydvd’s ripmode to your hd and also you can use dvdfabdecrypter.


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I work for sony and disney and we are coming to your house. We have sent mickey (he looks like a harmless mouse but he is really the guy from Texas chansaw masacre and after prison rehabilitation), he is fully rehabilitated but the mickey costume was nesasary to facilitate hiding the human flesh mask he was wearing…
On a side note…
Most of these movies had sony arrcos, and hitch was one that got a lot of attention when it was new. There are a handfull of sony movies that have arcoss. sony actualy anounced that they were no longer going to use that copy protection. MAybe becuause they are going to use macrovision ripguard (I kind of doubt it), or they realise it does no good. The big problem now is macrovision ripguard (which is about as big a problem as a fart in church, it stinks and kind of causes problems, but it disapates, and while it anoyed people, and it really anoyed some, it just goes away). The first movie that I am aware of that had it was madagascar. The ripguard was not a dummy file intended to stop ripping, but rather was corupt, unrippable dummy info right in the middle of a vob file (a standard dvd video segment file). The ripguard was in vob 8_1. Unfortunatlly, some (not all) people had unrecoverable problems in vob 8_2. These have been pretty much determined to be mastering errors and were only on disks made in mexico. I almost wonder if mastering errors were intentional, as it has been an issue before (or they are just too cheap to give the paying public disks that work). Mastering errors had been a problem before, but this was a new level of it. I really dont know, but after that movie, anydvd got the capability to deal with… drum roll… Mastering errors.

The moral of the story is, have several tools and you can copy anything, and many tools are free.
Dvd decryptor. Macrovision threatened to sued them and shut them down. Its no shock that shortlly after, macrovision ripguard came out. The final version of dvd decryptor is a very valuable tool, but dont go to thier site, macrovision now hosts the dvd decryptor site. I’m sure if you want the final version, you can find it.

Dvd fab shortlly after came out with dvd fab decryptor (obviouslly trying to ride the recently dead dvd decryptors coat tails), but thats ok because they suddenly made a free version of thier software, and after all, that was one of the goals of dvd decryptor, free with donations?Dvd fab has a free version that is often updated and deals with some of these modern copy guards. It is still free and is updated current, so its good.
Anydvd. What else can I say. Anydvd is the shit.
anydvd runs in the background and works with any software. Obviouslly that is a much harder task than just ripping to the hard drive, but they are up to it. Anytime it fails, it will create a log, and if you send it to them, they will fix it, period. Not only do they fix problems with getting through copy guard, but I suspect that knowing this, the copy guard companies exploit weaknesses in the burning software (the nero/shrink memory problem), and they eve fixed that.

I have never heard of dvd cloner 3, but I suspect that might be part of your problem.
There are free tools (dvd fab decryptor, dvd decryptor (final version), shrink, vob blanker etc. There are pay tools that have free trials. If you want to go free you can.
Unfortunatlly there is no perfect recomendation for pay tools. Do you wanna go free or pay?