Disney next for featureless rental DVDs

I just posted the article Disney next for featureless rental DVDs.

Adopting Fox’s idea of a two-tiered DVD release system, Disney will begin offering “rental ready” versions of its films, without the extra features that come with the retail…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15909-Disney-next-for-featureless-rental-DVDs.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15909-Disney-next-for-featureless-rental-DVDs.html)

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“Premium”, my prat! This is just a ruse to obfuscate the fact that DVDs cost too effing much to begin with. Now there’ll be a regular version, and a shitty version that still costs more than the regular version should in the first place !

If you don’t know that all marketing these days is deliberately designed to wave a red herring in front of the nose of the “consumer” and get them to take their eye off the bouncing bill - er, ball - , then you’ve been successfully duped !

DVD extras? Bah, just give me the damn movie and I’m happy. For me, DVD extras are worse than B-sides on singles. :Z

Marketing is all this is to stop piracy. It won’t stop it though as most don’t want the extras on their backup.

I can see DVDs coming to retail soon without extras to try and boost the sales of Blu-Ray with features… “You want all the extras?? Then Buy it on HD”

I see this as a good thing (some sarcasm implied) If removing extras means removing all those annoying ads on the discs, then I’m all for it. Also, why your at it, why not up the bitrate of the movie so that its in even better quality. Most may remember when the Criterion Collections came out on DVD, they were higher bitrate. But then Sony canned them b/c they competed w/ their Blu-ray discs.

Some yes, many no. There are some amazing documentaries and deleted scenes on many DVDs.
Matrix, LOTR extended versions (12 hours on each movie, amazing stuff…) and many many more have amazing extras…

It means they are screwing over people who reant and who like to buy used DVDs from their local rental store, the ones who like the extras anyway. You want to see the making-of or deleted scenes ? Sorry, go buy the retail version !
This is also a way to get more sales out of their new stock and make some people hesitate about buying the used rentals…

No, the shitty version is for rental only in this case.

Remove annoying ads… that would be the day.

Rest assured all advertising will be maintained, you can count on that ! And there would possibly be more annoying ads etc… since there’s more room on the DVD now…

This is good, now bring on the movie-only Blu-rays! :iagree:

Next we will be fed DVDs that are featureless and have commercials inserted during the movie, like we are watching it on tv.