Disney movies

I have noticed that on certain new disney movies when I go to back them up they have the movie on the cd twice and one is not widescreen while the other is fullscreen. Is this done so if you copy it you will not get as good a copy? I for one just uncheck the one copy. tinker bell does this. when I go to clone dvd it show the movie twice. both are 1:17:52 play time

Blank the version you don’t want with VobBlanker.


I can uncheck one in clonedvd but I was just wandering why the some disney movies show this way. I figure someone would be able to tell me. When I see this on most movies one is widescreen and the other is fullscreen but on the disney they are the same.

They may use the same video with different commands depending on Fast Play or not, for example.


Recent Disney discs I have come across with 2 versions usually have the FSorWS an a version for portable device like psp,ipod, or phone…for mobile viewing.
Seems to be the in thing today.

Thanks for the info this was one of those things I wandered about but had not got around to asking. Which one would you say to uncheck ?

The title you do not want - play it in a software player and keep the title that is playing on the OSD after you have selected the appropriate options from the menu.