Disney movie "Brave"

Need some help…I used dvd Fab on Brave on full disk and it copied successfully but when I make it into an .iso file with dvd shrink it doesn’t have the whole movie just about half or a little more. I’ve been doin it this way for all my movies but now with this movie I’m having a problem. Can someone help me?

You are certain that all of the movie has been decrypted and ripped to the hard drive?

Why exactly are you using Shrink to make the ISO? Are you reauthoring and cutting sections out while doing so? If this is the case, try reauthoring and putting it on the hard drive as files. Then check to make certain that it is playing correctly. Then build the ISO file using ImgBurn.

I’ll look when I get home from work and see if the whole movie is in the video files folder from Fab but I started out copying movies in 2003 using dvd shrink and I’ve used it for years and started gettin into problems with dvd shrink not being able to copy some movies and found out about dvd Fab so when shrink doesn’t copy I use Fab and I make them. ISO because its cleaner on my computer instead of having a lot of folders with video files in them
But what I don’t understand is out of hundreds of movies I’ve copied lately this is the first time its done this. I always copy them with Fab then use shrink to make them as an ISO…my Fab copy is expired so ive been using the HD decrypter and been doin fine till now and that’s another reason y I use dvd shrink because HD decrypter doesn’t shrink them like dvd copy does in the Fab program once ur trial has expired…any suggestions?

I do have some suggestions, but I can’t mention them here in the DVDFab forum. This subforum is for discussion of Fab products only.

By the way, you should continue to update DVDFab, as newer versions of DVDFab HD Decrypter are released on a fairly regular basis. Do you have the latest download installed?

This does sound like a problem in the structure of the decrypted movie. DVDShrink is a bit of a stickler when it comes to perfect dvd video compliance.

Edit: If you want to discuss alternatives, you should start a thread in the main main forum for copying movies: http://club.myce.com/f62/

Oh ok. Is everything I mentioned ok that I put on this forum or did I break any forum rules? If I did I apologize.

One of the mods over this forum may decide to move it out of the DVDFab forum. But that is their decision, not mine. I was just wandering through. :slight_smile:
Don’t worry about it…not a big deal. And they’ll leave a redirect so you can find it again quickly if you need to.

Do let us know if you have the latest version. There was a beta version released just yesterday, and it says it has support for this particular movie: http://forum.dvdfab.com/showthread.php?p=126788#post126788

Ok thank u for all your help. No I don’t have the newest version and I’ll try it when I get home :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=jrsmith2513;2664157]Oh ok. Is everything I mentioned ok that I put on this forum or did I break any forum rules? If I did I apologize.[/QUOTE]

No problem and I’ve moved this thread for you to open things up in case you need to.

The Ideal Software programs are always very far ahead of the other companies when it comes to new protection updates and they’ve already fixed many of the editions of this movie so I’d recommend having a look at the Ideal Software Forum and giving one of their trials a go.


The newest update worked thanks y’all :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=jrsmith2513;2664278]The newest update worked thanks y’all :)[/QUOTE]

Thanks for confirming that.

There are a couple of editions still giving problems but you must have one of the ones they’ve sorted.


What are some of the issues they are having?

[QUOTE=jrsmith2513;2664449]What are some of the issues they are having?[/QUOTE]

Nothing major.

As is quite common these days there are different variants of the protection on different editions but it will all be sorted pretty quickly.