Disney launching calibration disc for pros and novices alike at CEDIA

Offering calibration patterns on Pixar flicks is one thing, but Disney is leaping wholeheartedly into the calibration and test market with its WOW (World of Wonder) Blu-ray disc launching November 2. We don’t have details on all 35 calibration tools for audio and video packed in, but other bonuses include tools to reverse stuck pixels, test viewing angles and encoder performance and a second disc called VISIONS: Inspired By Nature full of real and imagined landscapes to demo all those equipment and settings. Expect to see this on shelves in DVD and Blu-ray form in one or two disc sets, or packed with a “high performance HDMI cable” in a home theater pack that could include an unspecified Disney flick. Real pros will probably leave the HDMI cable on the shelf, but if Goofy can get people to sort out their home theater settings, all the better – all the details are in the press release after the break.

Link: http://hd.engadget.com/2010/09/22/disney-launching-calibration-disc-for-pros-and-novices-alike-at/