Disney disposable DVD gaining acceptance price drops a dollar

I just posted the article Disney disposable DVD gaining acceptance price drops a dollar.

 We have been folllowing  this story for quite some time and it always seems to stir up some opinions one way or  the other. It's the DVD that has a life expectancy similar to that...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7950-Disney-disposable-DVD-gaining-acceptance-price-drops-a-dollar.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7950-Disney-disposable-DVD-gaining-acceptance-price-drops-a-dollar.html)

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6 dollars for DVD + one for DVD-R = 7 dollars for movie :slight_smile: - nice deal :slight_smile:

plus a pizza… i think i might go for that

Well asuming their still making money by only charging 5.99 its good to know they were simply overcharging everybody when the product first came out for no good reason.

Isn’t it encouraging to see most of us are still mutts…kick us in the arse one day…next day pat us on the head, show us the bone, there we are tongue hanging out , tail wagging…

Most wont be recycled. They are a HUGE F**King waste. Stick a pin in the package if u see them in the store (let the air in early!!!)

I love the logic at play here. Those too lazy to return DVDs will buy these and we don’t have to worry about the environment because these same people will have the motivation to get their discs recycled to help “save our planet” by filling out the online form here: http://www.greendisk.com/ezd/default.html I can see that happening :slight_smile: BTW, a product with “increasing acceptance” never needs a price reduction. Nice try, but try again. Gotta love these new ‘innovative’ ideas that make regular DVDs and returns look like pure genius :g Good luck guys, you’re gonna need it :slight_smile:

What has become treasured and widely accepted will only remain permeanent. No one wants to throw away DVD’s.

Someone needs to tell these people that there is already a better solution out. Its services like NetFlix. A monthly fee, and keep it as long as you want. Priced much better than 6 dollars a disc. I pay a bit over 21 dollars a month, and can get 12 movies in a month. Wal-Mart online also offers rentals for even cheaper.

How stupid are these guys? Its ALL ABOUT PRICE!! When the price gets about the same as a rental, they will “gain acceptance”. No sooner… And, with a limited selection at the 7-11 counter, I can’t see them being a huge hit, but should be somewhat successful.

Somehow I don’t think the buyers of $4,000,000 worth of “Nemo” in two weeks weren’t buying them just to watch over 2 days! Or to put the empty packet on their book shelf! Get real! All the Hype about acceptance won’t drive up sales, still what would I know, twenty years ago I laughed when a friend wanted me to invest in a water bottling plant!!! Who would buy water in a bottle? MMMMMMMMMM maybe these disposable discs will take off… but the price needs to be increased…something that valuable must be worth it! If the selling price of the disposable is around $6 and they can still make a profit why normal DVD’s are priced at $30 (average)? or is this a case of once accepted and the Video Libraries are driven out of existence the price will reflect the true %10000 profit margin that DVD profiteers now enjoy!!! No wonder we have Pitates!

“Many believe lowering the price point to something closer to that of a typical DVD rental” $ 6 for a rental, I think they’ve been talking to Blockbuster too much, I’d rather go to the other rental shops were you can get 2 day rentals for $ 2.99 and 5 day rental on older movies for $ 1.99 Leave it to say, I don’t dare pay the absurd fees blockbuster has.

At blockbuster you can rent movies by the month. For 24 bucks a month you can have 2 movies out at a time and keep them for a day or weeks. Go get a new one everyday and it is dirt cheap rent like 25 movies in a month for only 24 bucks. Much better deal