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Better viewing experience? Is that the reason you choose high-definition? It seems that Walt Disney thinks the interactivity is what marketeers call the format’s unique selling point. Last…

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Why does Disney think I want to interact with anything but the damn movie? I don’t want to listen to what the director has to say. I don’t want to see upcoming Blu-ray releases. I don’t want to buy Disney merchandise online through the power of Blu-ray, accumulate reward points so I can get free ringtones, or get a live video feed of how well Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen ass is holding up. If I want to talk with my grandparents then I’ll pick up the phone and call them in person. Well, only for two of them. The other two are no longer with us, so I would require a medium. Anyway, all I’m saying is that this is getting out of control. What ever happened to watching the movie? :r
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Totally agree with DukeNukem… Don’t care about all these types of extras. Lol, if you think about, you would have to call your grandparents first to tell them “Hey, let’s get on Disney blu-ray chat.” So if you’re already talking to them on the phone, why would you want to hang up with them, to use the far superior method of typing letters with a remote on your TV to talk to them.


I get pissed when Im forced to watch the trailers and the FBI warnings before getting to the movie… Its like they want us to solve a Rubix cube now before we get to watch the movie…