Disney aims to plug screener leaks with secure DVDs & players

I just posted the article Disney aims to plug screener leaks with secure DVDs & players.

  Walt  Disney, a company well known for trying to prevent its movies from being pirated  to well back in the days of VCR is aiming to prevent piracy in advance of the  this year's Oscars. ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11037-Disney-aims-to-plug-screener-leaks-with-secure-DVDs--players.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11037-Disney-aims-to-plug-screener-leaks-with-secure-DVDs--players.html)

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What’s the point? So you prevent a DVDrip getting out on the net couple of months before official DVD release. Who cares? The moment the DVD hits the shelf it will appear on the net. Is it really worth manufacturing a specially protected DVD disc along with a special DVD player and mailing them to the judges so that you can postpone the moment the movie appears on BT by a couple of months? Heh… those guys are really paranoid…

They’re afraid people won’t go to the hideously overpriced cinemas to watch the movie if they download it for free. My take on that? CHARGE LESS FOR ADMISSION!! When going to see a movie costs my family of five $100, that’s a filthy obscenity. Besides, it may vbe difficult to break NOW but do they really think this will last? The Internet is a VERY big place with a LOT of resources and brainpower in it. Compared ot that, ANY company is a small fish in a HUGE pond.
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Of course, most of the dolt headed movie industry people who these go out to won’t have the sense it takes to hook one up. Their VCR lights are still flashing and, anyway, they just bought the new Ashlee Simpson CD so they won’t have time to mess with it.

12000 dvd players is a crapload of junk, which will become useless the day after previews and will be thrown away. I wish someone tips off Greenpeace and Disney is made recycle it or pay big way for its greedyness and numbskullness.:frowning:

any one thought it could be a pr stunt as disney movies havent done so well lately and creating all this hype might get people interested in paying silly money at the cinema. just a thought

So Disney believes that the people receiving these players are technologically savvy enough to be able to hook them up to their televisions or projectors? I thought the Academy included many elderly - the same people who hide their remotes in drawers so the ray-beams don’t start a fire. This should be interesting.

Simple solution. Boycott as in don’t think about it until the retail dvd rip is online. Of course there are some who like a challenge or in some cases don’t have a life. Again it will largely become irrelevant if the direct to dvd at the same time as cinemas mentioned previously on this site is eliminated… It is not impossible… Here in Australia in the 70’s and up until the mid 80’s there used to be drive in movie theaters that have gone the way of the dodo. That would happen with cinemas too if the sheeple would wake up and not blindly accept the hollywood brainwashing ooops marketing on tv for new movies… If enough people were willing to wait maybe this direct to dvd approach would be finally implemented as many of us with home theaters want… Again like the example of the drive in it shows that times change and some things don’t last forever. So get used to it hollywood!

I did some calculating, and here in Houston, it would cost a family of five ~$45 for admission. So, if you’re paying $100, you’re spending WAY too much at the concession stand. My guess is that you need to learn to say NO to your kids, after all YOU are the parent. When you spoil your kids at the concession stand, that is NOT the theater’s fault, it is the PARENT’s fault.

Seems to me there’ll be fewer Oscar and BAFTA votes made on “protected” movies this year. Not only do we not want the hassle of hooking up a “special” player, the CINEA is one clunky piece of machinery. By standards of what’s out there today, there are three major strikes against using this player as opposed to the superior one you might already have in your system. First - the remote. To have any effect, you have to stand about three feet directly in front of the machine. Forget searching for scenes from the comfort of your sofa. Second, it plays one region only. Most international voters like the convenience of region free, or region adjustable, players. Third, the zoom function is laughable. Instead of zooming a frame to fill a widescreen TV, the CINEA zooms only within its own reduced sidebars. In all, Disney and all the watermarked producers will lose out bigtime at the Oscars with voters who prefer a superior machine they can simply shove the DVD into and press PLAY from across the room.