Disney agrees to DVD probe



I just posted the article Disney agrees to DVD probe.

A few days ago we reported that the European Union was investigating the high DVD prices. Walt Disney will be one of the first companies that will have to explain the situation.

Mario Monti, the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2028-Disney-agrees-to-DVD-probe.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2028-Disney-agrees-to-DVD-probe.html)

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They charge what the market can bear, not what is fair. Tis the biz world and it sucks at times.


Nothing like a big show about nothing. We all know nothing will happen from this. DVD’s are totally overpriced and the fact they’re making such a loud noise about a £2 difference shows how irrelivant this whole thing is. They should be fighting about the high price, not about the difference in price. LAME!


:o FiNALLY some noise about the situation with DVDz! Hmm, lets see, the US (region 1) get a NEW movie at about £10 (British pound) and we can mail order it over in addition to the cost of the post, before its even in the cinema over here! BUT… if we wait from 3 months to a YEAR or so later we can buy it offically in the UK (region 2) which costs near to DOUBLE the price or more and to whoevers amusment, its suddenly a UK version with ALOT removed, cut and altered! Who the hell has the right to say what we can watch?! WHO?!? Huh! It don’t stop there, because to add what they cut out, WHOEVER it is, feels its funny to remove the addition soundtracks too! 80% of my movies are in Dolby Digital ONLY, because WHOEVER removes the Dolby Digital EX, DTS and DTS ES, even though 90% of the US discs have all formats on there discs! My ‘Home Cinema’ has cost me thousands and let down only by its source, because WHOEVER thinks its right! Because they think its best for our market! WHOEVER it is, can’t think or be normal! I’m totally SiCK of this matter and wish they WHOEVER would sort their BLOODY selfs out! ITS NOT FUNNY!!! :c LeFugitive …Not happy! LeFugitive@Yahoo.Com :frowning: