DiskT@2 users wanted


I am looking for users, burning DiskT@2’s with a Yamaha CRW F1.
The last working version I knew was Nero 7.
Who has experience with newer versions of Nero?
e.g. the 17,18 or 19?
I’m testing just the Version 19.1.1010
and she crashes regularly at the Start DiskT@2 > Burn button!
I look forward to your help and your answers!!!


Which OS do you use?

I can give a try with newest Nero trial this week


Thank you!
I tested it with Windows 7 64bit
and with Windows 10 64Bit (Build 1709 16299.371).
I have used the newest: Nero 18 Burning Rom (19.1.1010),
with two different Yamaha CRW F1 (Fw.1.0g).
Each Tests without success!
I am curious about your result!


What mainboard do you use? A PATA-adapter-card/USB-adapter?

I still use W7 on different PCs, Nero 7 for CD/DVD and Nero 12 Ess. for BD-R.

I remember Nero 12 crashes everytime on W10.


Asrock Fatal1ty Z77 Pro.
That was the last motherboard, that still 2 regular IDE haven per
Chipset provides.
Nero 7 can burn the DiskT@2.


Huh, I have Z77-boards, but none with a natuve IDE. According to In tel the Z77 don´t support IDE, even 5er-series don´t have native IDE

I try it at my B150-board with some different OS and with Sil0680-card


Hm, Nero 19.1.1010 crashes here also at W7 if starting labeling


Thanks for your test!
Its a bug, since Nero 8.
Pity about this special function…
Thanks Tester_1


For all Nero 18 users
in combination with a Yamaha CRW F1 burner:
"The request has been forwarded to our development department in the hope that this feature, via a Nero Update, will be reused in the future."
Original Nero Support Answer from 18.04.2018

PS.I’ve been fighting for the DiskT@2 feature since Nero 8
and hope, that with this announcement from Nero to be able to use it again soon!


I can´t remember the last time I used it :wink:

And never noticed this problem because I´m still using Nero 7 for all CD/DVD-burns

Whether Nero have a F1?


I am very curious too…

Thank you again for your test!


No prob :wink:

Still like my Yamaha, used it very often in the past


Tried Nero 7 with my F1, works without problems


I agree…
With Nero 7 there were no problems in this regard!