Disks won't play in DVD Player

Three disks ruined because they won’t play in DVD Player!

It seems like very simple instructions: DvdDecrypter (File Mode, Default Settings) > DVD2One > CopyToDVD. Works fine on PC but not in Player.

What steps am I missing???

When you post a question like this you should include more info…

Versions of programs used
Model of your Desktop Player
Model of DVD burner
Media Used.
Movie Burned.

If it’s older than two years, you might have a problem.



Have you checked the compatibility of your player on DVDRHelp

Also, CopyToDVD Settings > File System > Make sure to check the box for UDF 1.02

“Also, CopyToDVD Settings > File System > Make sure to check the box for UDF 1.02”

Question, if I select tick box in DVD2One to automatically launch CopyTpDVD, is the UDF 1.02 already done or is it better to use DVD2One forst and the use CopyToDVD after words?

Also, have you successfully used the media you are using, for other movie back-ups ?

If not, it could be a media problem. Try again using a good quality Ritek disk (Traxdata are good). These are more widely compatible with standalone players and are amongst the best available.

Did you check the DVD2one website under the “How to use” section? I also had this problem… check this page and see is you overlooked something…http://www.dvd2one.com/howtouse.php good luck!