Disks not playable

Hello Stormjumper, I checked the box in the remove layer break and unchecked them to no avail. I tried Fab and it works flawlessly. I have seen in various posts people having similar issues. I am certainly no software engineer but it seem that the later Fabs might be a little buggy. But I also want to say that Fab is by far my favorite program. I hope that Fengtao will get a chance to really look into this issue. Thank you for all of your help.

From the testing that I have just done and the results I received you are right on the buggy ver, I will be reverting back to a past version myself until the problems are fixed.

Glad I have such a large archive of versions :bigsmile:

Me as well on the archives, I think I go all the way back to or something.

Same here my friend :bigsmile: I have been asked why I keep so many of the past version, with my latest findings it says it all :rolleyes:
I will keep the latest version on my system because it can handle the newest copy protection so it is needede will just have to run the files through an earller version to do the needed cleanup :wink: not my idea of a one click program :frowning: but maybe in time things will change :wink:

Anyway glad things are ok for you, have a nice evening :flower:

I have solved my problem. I had upgraded my browser to IE8 Beta2 and that was conflicting with DVDFab and DVDshrink. Thanks everyone for all your help.