Disks freeze burner

I just got 4 vcd disks from someone in the mail. My drive is a mixed drive and has no problem reading dvds or cds. The same happens with each disk- it starts to spin, the light in the drive goes, but I can’t read the disk. If I rclick the drive icon to open or check properties of the disk, the disk keeps spinning while the computer shows a wait sign. The disk continues to spin with no information accessed until I remove it. I’ve tried reading the contents of the disk with other software like nero but again there is no response from the software. The disk can spin indefinitely with no information accessible so I can’t tell if there are actual files on there or not.

I don’t know if this matters- the disks I use have silver surfaces and these have a red die on all of them.
Any suggestions?

The discs are unreadable in your drive, for any number of possible reasons. Try them in a different drive and see if it helps.
BTW, if the burned side is “red”, are you sure they’re
CD’s and not DVD’s?

They might be dvds. My drive is a samsung combo cdr dvd drive so it should read them ok if they are dvds. I’ll try them in a regular dvd player but I’ve never had a problem playing dvds on my computer before.


Does your drive read all DVDR/RW types?

It reads everything but dvd-rw.