Disko 8x +R (MCC03)

I came across these: http://www.cdrwinkel.com/main_frame.php?page=shop/flypage&product_id=1475&category_id=34b1503e540f4dcca6cc442d2ab28a5e

Does anyone know if they are genuine MCC03 discs or just cheap fakes?

I would suggest fake just going off the brand name, as I’ve never heard of it before, but I might well be wrong. Even if they weren’t fakes, you’d be much better off with Verbatim branded ones that those.

Well they aren’t listed in videohelp. Genuine and fake is misleading as they could be genuine MCC003 but of a much lesser quality then Verbatim.

Here’s what comes up with a search of MCC003 on videohelp MCC003 In there are a number of e-net brands, this is a company that is knwn to buy lesser quality discs and sell them as “A-grade”.

Personally, I’d stick with Verbatim for my MCC media. Better to be safe than sorry. :wink:

Going by Price (they can give a 30% discount on these ) and earlier comments from MKM/Verbatim I would rule out that these are a official Mitsubishi product.

Now they can be a low grade product comming from one of the factories that makes media for MKM or they can be from a faker still I would recommend to avoid it !

If you really want to go the cheap way and with Mitsubishi code then probably the best shot is with the e-net brand Datawrite Titanium. Still you would need to find a store which can guarantee you that the batch they sell are disc’s with MCC code made by CMC.

You’re actually recommending someone buys e-net? Now that’s a first, too much of a crap shoot in my eyes. Just buy Verbatim, it’s the safer bet.

Offcourse verbatim/Mitsubishi (JAPAN, Not Electric what we can find in Europe !) are the safer bets. But then again someone seems to be looking for some cheap alternative or else he wouldn’t even ask about the above product.
In the past Datawrite Titanium was a good alternative. While the disc didn’t had to fall under MCC quality controle it still was supposed to be CMC A-grade which means Not as good as verbatim but also so cheaper so still a ok disc for it’s price.

However it seems that Verbatim Europe has closed the price gap which was earlier between it which makes the Datawrite Titaniums completely unattractive. Why pay (allmost) the same price for a product that has inferior quality controle and not a lifetime waranty ??

Excellent work from Verbatim Europe.

So with the price difference no longer being interresting I think you can you forget Datawrite Titaniums as a option of getting a decent cheap disc.

The shop claims they bought these discs from Emtec. Wonder if that makes the possibility that they are real MCC produced discs any better.


Maybe second grade MCC at best. Don’t waste your money on them.

Uhh… EMTEC sells both faked and real (CMC-made) MCC003.
Still, I wouldn avoid it and buy some Verbatim or Infiniti instead.

That would concern me even more :bigsmile:

Agree with kg_evilboy’s post :slight_smile:

Yeah if shops like cdrwinkel may not advertise it as emtec from emtec what junk is this then. Because Emtec is allready low grade MCC at it’s best or fake MCC.
So is this low grade fake MCC ???
I would say avoid it all costs !!!

Okay, thanks all for the comments, I thought I’d found a bargain… Guess not then :wink:

Agreed. Way too many fakes running around to bother with the gamble. Not to mention Verbatim are pretty reasonably priced these days.

I´ve tried these and here are the results with nec 3520.
Burns good at 4x and 6x but not at 8x. Fake or lower grade?
Don’t know but if you consider the price, you only pay for the case!
Use them at 4x or 6x and they will most likely work ok.
Emtec or not, I wouldn´t pay too much for the trademark Emtec.

Explanation, from the top 4, 6 and 8x burns

OK for unimportant data, I suppose. I wouldn’t count on them to last too long…

I noticed that the packaging of this media is the same as what currently is sold in the DUTCH aldi markets. I’m not going to buy these for the fun of checking out because there way to expensive. ALDI 10 pcs price (That includes our cursed Dutch levy) is close to Cdrwinkel/Nierle 100 disc’s !