Diskmaker elite series: error with autoloader

Hi all,
I’m new to posting on forums and I’m not sure where to start this thread. (Already searched forum for “diskmakers”)

I have a Disk Makers elite series cd duplicator that runs Flexware on a windows XP machine to control the duplication process.

My problem is that the Autoloader (the arm that picks up the cd’s and moves them to the trays and the printer) seems to be hanging up during the process. When it does, I most often get this message: “autoloader error 98”

Disk Makers documentation makes no mention of this error code, and their support staff seem not to know what it means.

It usually happens when the arm drops a cd unintentionally. The only fix is to cancel the job and reboot the PC.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled the flexware, the autoloader driver, and double checked all the connections are tight fitting (even inside the computer case)

Does anyone out there have a disk makers elite system? Have you run into such a problem? Is there a way to bypass the autoloader completely and just let me put the cd’s in by hand?

Disk Makers wants me to send the unit back to them for inspection, but it would cost me upwards of $300 in freight alone, and I’m afraid for all the trouble I’ve had, I might better put the money towards a better system.
We only need about 100 cd’s a week.

Thanks for any ideas.

Hello Drob,

Autoloader 98 is actually a very general error code that indicates the system had an unknown failure. Very vague, I know. There a few potential causes and solutions to this issue.

  1. Are the robotics in a direct light source? Window, spot light? Light could be reflecting into the optical sensor causing it to randomly drop the discs.
  2. Next, take a soft cloth and wipe off any dust or debris on the bottom of the picker arm. The optical sensor needs to be clear.
  3. Try different media.
  4. Inspect, smooth out or replace the white picker arm cable. The cable is a RJ12. The cable may have excessive wear and tear causing miscommunication to boards and sensors.

I hope this helps!

i just ran into the same problem and found your post while googling…did you get it resolved? I am not anxious to send my unit in, but it’s looking more and more like that’s what i’m going to have to do…

Thanks greyghosy00. I tried all of your suggestions and no luck. It was worth a try though.

Lipsync, DiscMakers thinks the problem is with the hardware, specifically the board that controls the pick arm. I’ve decided to buy a 9 unit tower that doesn’t require a robotic arm to operate. With the auto loader on the Elite I was not able to manually load and unload the drive bays after burning disks without rebooting, so without the robotic arm or new software, its useless. A nine drive tower costs only slightly more than shipping the elite unit back not to mention cost of repair. Sorry I couldn’t find a better answer.

Thanks for the extra info, Drob…that helps me reconsider what my options are–plenty of work’s been piling up while i’ve been trying to deal with this. :rolleyes: