Diskeeper Problem Help Needed Plz

im new here and have just installed diskeeper 2007
but i get told this …on 2 of my drives Warning!
The overall health of volume C is degraded
the over all healt is at “Warning” level for the following reasons:

  1. The MFT(Master File Table) usage was currently 88 percent of the total MFT size, which indicates it is likely the MFT will become fragmented.
    can anyone please help me
    and should i worry about this
    i never got it on diskeeper 9
    hoping some one can get back to me please
    thanks pep

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum.

You could contact DiscKeeper for support.

Run DiscKeeper.

If it defrag the harddisc with no problems, you have no need to worry.

If the same error continue, contact DiscKeeper Support.

Not privvy to the changes between various Diskeeper version, it’s possible that MFT defragmentation wasn’t a feature in DK 9, or maybe the threshold for reporting problems was changed.

I have used DK 10, and used it’s wizard to allocate more space for the MFT on my drive. I would suggest during this at night, as it can be time consuming. Once it’s done, you shouldn’t have any further worries.

As always, ensure a current backup is in place.

This has already been discussed in this thread…