Diskeeper 2007 Professional

I just installed this program today and i get this message

The overall health of volume C is degraded
the over all healt is at “Warning” level for the following reasons:

  1. The MFT(Master File Table) usage was currently 99 percent of the total MFT size, which indicates it is likely the MFT will become fragmented.

so do i need to worry about this or what?

Diskeeper gives you the option to resize the MFT after it throws up that BS warning.
It gives you the option to execute the MFT size change based on its recommendation or it can be manually resized.

If the size of the MFT were that critical for performance then other defrag manufacturers would also have addressed this issue.

When I used to use Diskeeper, the concerns led me to heed the MFT warnings and resize, but I never experienced any noticable performance differences nor did any hard drive benchmark programs display any differences.

Now it PerfectDisk baby, all the way. No more Diskeeper.


Totally agree-eh!!!

so does perfect disk run all the time as well?

I assuming that you are an experienced user, So messing with the MFT table will not bother you so much because you kind of understand what’s going on. For new users I wouldn’t recommend messing with the MFT. The MFT is set for a reason, it locks certain amount of drive space and one must not look at it as losing space. Because in theory your space is still there, only it’s locked only for the OS to write to.

It monitors in the background, doesn’t take much for resources.

I myself perfer O & O Defrag.

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Diskeeper = Scientology, no thanks…
Nuff said!
Perfect Disk does a better job and faster…

ok all you PerfectDisk diciples…can you hook a sister up with a linkie…


http://www.raxco.com/ - gives 30 day free trial (try before you buy)-eh!

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PerfectDisk has an outstanding feature - AGGRESSIVE FREESPACE CONSOLIDATION - and that sets it apart from just about any other thing out there, at least for me.

You want maximum defragmentation like in the old days of Windows 3.1? You got it here, baby! (or at least as close as you can get in Windows XP)

I have version 7 and it makes my life just that much better. :slight_smile:

you keep calling me baby and i’m gonna get used to it…

i really need to format my C drive…i’ve only got like 20% free space :wink: but i’m lazy and i really need to get some programs off it before i wipe it out :wink:

ok so i’ll try it before i buy it…and see how it works…and if i have a problem…Big Guys…i’ll be calling you and knocking on your doors for some assistance

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Agressive free space consolidation also rocks and I simply love the speed of the Smar placement defragmentation :clap:


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