"disk verification error" when trying to play backup

Hi, I am completely new to this forum and find the info on it quite interesting and informative. That being said, I have a noob question to ask.

Whenever I boot the copy of the game, it will allow me to install the game onto the computer (it reads all of the installationg files correctly). However, when it comes time to play, all I get is a “disk verification error” reading. I created an image of the disk and tried to burn that, but I had the same results. My question is why this is happening and what I could do to solve this problem. Thank you for any advice on the topic.

P.S. The game was made in 2004 and therefor is fairly new if it helps…

What game specificly.

When you posted this,
all I get is a “disk verification error” reading
was this on the original disk or the image you created?

What program did you use to make your copy?

The game disk is Sacred. The verification error comes in with the copy. The regular cd goes through a scan and then boots up the game. The copy goes through the same cd scan and gives me the “disk verification error”.

I used nero to burn the copy.

Also, I retried the burn using Alcohol 120 and factored in all of the protections on the disk. The cd had “ProtectCD” as its protection, so I burned using the profile for ProtectCD on Alcohol120. Even with all of this, I got a disk verification error.

Yet, the original disk does not do this…?

Thank you for any advice.

If it is just the copy that is giving you the error then it means it is a bad copy.

My suggestions are,
BlindWrite 5
Alcohol 120% + ProtectCD profile
CloneCD + Profiles

With all of these you should be reading and writing at about 4 speed. Any quicker can give you a bad burn.

Nero is not a program to use to copy CD’s with copy protections.