Disk tray wont stay closed. grr



hey, I just got the LG GSA-4163B.

First off, the drive would only open part way. I tried the emergency exit thing when the pc was off. I managed to pull it open that way. Then when i restarted the pc, the disktray closed. Green light flashes, 2 seconds later it opens again. Over and over again, it keeps opening, even though i close it.
Whats wrong with my drive!!!??? lol. thanks.


Disconnect the ata cable and just leave the power cable connected. If it still does it, you know for sure that your drive is hooped.


just a guess, it might be related to your psu voltages , get speedfan from here and take a screenshot


heres the Screen shot.


And i tried taking out the ATA cable, it still keeps on opening.


May as well take the drive back then. Looks like you got a lemon. Could be something mechanical with the eject button, but I would not touch it as it is still on warrentee.


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