Disk to Disk Copy

I’m very new to coping. I have a problem with making a decision.

I have a Dell system with a NEC 3450A and CD Writer 48XR/RW. I have a ton of movies to backup. It’s time consuming to write to disk and then write to DVD. I want to get a unit to replace the CD writer. Today I saw a post about NEC 3540A being tested and it looked to be a good one. The cost between buying a CDROM/DVD and the NEC 3540A was not that much difference.

Could I expect about the same result going from disk to disk as I’m getting with disk to HD and then back? Have not had one failure so far.

If the answer is favorable, where could I buy the NEC 3540A in the US? If it helps, my PC is described below.

Your help is needed for me to decide this.

P4 3.2GHz Hyper
XP Media Center Edition


The NECs are very good and fast readers as well.
My 3500a is a better reader than my Liteon DVD-Rom :wink:

“On the fly” copies should be possible using one of those as a reader.
But ur discs should be scratch free and in good shape if u want to copy them directly (I generally would recommend against on the fly copying).


May I should reconsider. My grandchildren are not the world’s greatest handlers of Disks!


I see you have AnyDVD and CloneDVD. I copy disc to disc all the time, it will copy to your HD at the same time, no prob. This way if you have a coaster you can copy existing files in 9 min. flat. Put both discs in, and like Ron Popeil says, “set it and forget it.” Although the DVD burner is slower at copying CDs, you can get a modified riplock removed firmware for the burner to copy DVDs, whereas you can’t get it for combo drives (though they are faster on CDs).

ricoman - That sounds interesting about the “riplock” but I’m totally unfamiliar with that or updating or getting firmware.

I understand this to mean, “I can get firmware for my Samsung 48XCD burner to cause it to recognize a DVD?”

I’m very happy with my DVD writer as it does well I think. So if there is a way to get my CD writer to recognize a DVD and use it as a player as such, I would like to try that. Think it’s possible for a Newbie with little or no experience in updating firmware to do something like that?


No, you can’t get your CD burner to recognize DVDs to rip. Riplock is something built in to the “official” firmware that limits the read (and therefore rip) speed of a DVD drive or burner. However, some modified firmwares can remove the riplock and allow the drive to read faster. The way I understand it, DVD drives and DVD burners may be modified to remove riplock, but combo drives (CD/DVD read, only Cd write) can not. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Keep in mind though, if you use a modifed “unofficial” firmware, you may void your warrantee. That being said, there are many reliable modified firmwares out there for most drives. Search some of the threads and you’ll get all the info you need. Start with “The Big NEC FAQ.” So your choices, as I see it, is to buy a combo drive that may read DVDs a little slower but burn CDs faster, or get a new burner that may read DVDs a little faster, but read & burn CDs slower. I have a Liteon combo and an ND-3500, I’m not concerned with a few minutes extra so I’m happy.

That answered my questions, thanks. So I will get a DVD Burner as I said in the original post a CD/DVD to replace the CDWriter is not a lot of money behind the Burner.

I mentioned the NEC because it seems most people like that brand. This NEC I have seems to burn a dvd from the HD at somewhere between 5-8 minutes depending upon the size. It’s the 20 to 30 minutes coping to the HD that seems slow and that’s why I wanted to try Disk to Disk.

Thanks again for all the information. It was very helpful.


Well, it will still take 20-30 min. to rip, your not limited by the burning to the HD, but by the read speed. You really can’t improve on that. What you gain is not having to be there to switch discs in the drive, just come back in 30-40 min. and your done.

That would be a big improvement. I hate to be in the other room and hear the “beebong” or whatever it sounds like. Again my thanks.


Yo Mudd-

If you want a good/fast reader-burner look at the LiteOn 1693s for $52 shipped here:

You can set it up with a program called “Omnipatcher” which will set the read speed to 16x max (the 3540 will read at approx 8x max) and since the LiteOn can be bitset to burn +R medias as ROM you can have the best of all media worlds IMO-


Thanks Mike. Man, when you ask for information on this Forum, you better be ready for information by the bucket! I realize that most people here are super knowledgeable about these matters. I just didn’t know that so many were willing to share their thoughts and knowledge. Was a luck day for me to sign up.

Thanks to all.


Yo Walt-

Glad to have been a help to you - and believe me - we ALL were once in your same shoes - eh?


Yes, this is the best of the best. I guess that’s why they just celebrated their one millionth post. Amazing. :iagree: :bow: :flower: