Disk Size Too Small

I downloaded 1clickdvdcopy today, it read the contents of the movie fine, but then it told me to install a blank disk (which was 4.7GB) i did that and it says that the volume of the movie was too large for the RW disk, i was using anydvd before which shrunk the movie to fit the blank disk, but this doesn’t, can i change the setting or something, or it just wont do that, or maybe i need another program in assistance with this one.
any help would be greatly appreciated

Go into the options of 1click and make sure you do not have DL option checked - then try again

Also check your source and destination locations

You could also try decrypting those files to a folder on your hard drive… then right click to see the actual file size of the decrypted files…

Edit: If you were using anydvd before… your still using it now with 1click …

I ran into the same problem on a disc I was copying. I had to remove the “DTS” setting. Even after that it was still a 40+%compression. Can’t remember which disc I was doing, but if I remember I’ll post it.
Remove the DL and the DTS settings and see if that helps, if not then remove the Extra settings. It may just be that a “movie only” option is what will be needed.
Good Luck

If you do find what disc that was, please do post.
That defeats the purpose of 1click, especially if your wanting the Extras and DTS - 1click will… should :bigsmile: compress down any movie you are trying to backup.

Edit: p vickery whats the title of the disc you are backing up

I also ran in to the same problem trying to ahem "backup " sonic youth DVD the videos

also a Pearl jam DVD from 2003

I burned it to my desktop and had to burn the videos only …I wanted the extras as well

the problem has been seen when backing up concert type dvd’s.
1click does NOT compress audio at all, so this might be the main problem with these types of dvd’s

You could try decrytping those files to a folder on your hard drive, then use 1click to try and re-compress whats already there. Not sure if thats the answer here, but, its worth a shot.

I cannot remember exactly the problem that this suggestion was tried for… but I do remember it having to do something with the file not compressing enough to fit onto a dvd5

Exactly as N E F A R I O U S has suggested

If I remember correctly ,
The issue with “music” DVDs was that
because the audio tracks tend to be “extensive” , and which are not compressed by 1Click
at times , would produce an “inadequate” compression ratio/strategy
resulting in a “movie” file too large ( for instance 4.38G or larger )
to be burned to a DVD5 (SL) disc .

IF this happens , two solutions .

  1. Set an ‘HD folder’ as ‘destination’ , compress once to ‘folder’ ,
    as stated , IF over 4.3G ,
    Then set this ‘folder’ as ‘source’ in 1Click and RE compress .
    1Click should produce the proper 4.3G the second time around
    allowing then to burn.

  2. Use DVDShrink or CloneDVD2