Disk size in nero

hi guys using the latest beta 5 im getting fantastic burns on pretty much everything i use… however… one slight bug in nero seems to be that the blank disks are now recognised as being 8.something gig… which is dual layer size… this is the same on both of my machines… any ideas? or is it just a case of waiting for nero to catch up? also… how many peoples green led turns red when burning? mine doesnt.

thanks in advance

Do you have the dual layer firmware installed? If so, then Nero will show the size that your selected drive can accomodate up to. In this case, 8.5 GB.

i do have the dual layer f/w however i was under the impression the small redline showed the total space available on the disk.

If you have the DL firmware installed, then the red line is at 8.5 Go and the yellow one is at 4.7 Go ! :wink:

well B@&**£r me! how the hell you meant to see that! it is there but its hiding behind a black line and against a grey background… well!

thanks for that rebel2k…

now for the greed LED question… whose turns red when the NEC burns?

Mine in the USB enclosure stays green ! :wink:

All of the NEC drives use a green LED when burning.
No red LED here, sorry.

no problems i just read somewhere in here that someones did… and i felt cheated :wink: thanks for the info again guys!