Disk Repair Pro, anyone? For repairing DVDs?



I have read quite a good ammount of comments about Disk Repair Pro http://www.supermediastore.com/cd-repair-pro.html and people seems to like it. I decided to buy it and yesterday repaired my first CD., it was a 10 years audio CD that had started to click in the cd player. I used the repair cycle (it has a clean and a repair cycle) and it appears to have fixed the problem. I decided to use it on a DVD+RW that was giving me trouble in CD-SPEED (no sense info error I guess). My only concern is that after you have use Disk Repair Pro to repair the disks they get some kind of funny marks on the reading side, the disk is full of half circles now (no scratches they are just like picture marks). I gyuess that this is produced by the polishing of the wheels inside the repair machine, they explain that it is like the effect of sandpaper on a peace of wood.
The DVD+RW has not improve after the repair, maybe it was not a physical problem with it. I have reformated it and now I can write on it again but the quality is not so good (see the attachment)

-Can this machine harm my DVDs in any way?
-Is it very bad to put a healthy DVDR or RW in this kind of machine?
-Are these funny marks normal after the repairing process or is my Disk Repair Pro FUBAR?

Thanks a lot!


These are better



I would definitely back up the repaired cd/dvd. Some ppl have stated using tooth polish works. I dunno


Ok, but I already have the disc repair pro. Thanks.


I second that. I generaly back up ALL my CD’s and DVD’s as soon as i buy them. The originals are stored on a spindle on the top shelf of my closet where it is cool and dark.