Disk Quality "Start Button" Greyed out... Why?



I have an Asus DRW-24B1ST that I just crossflashed to a Lite-On iHAS124 BLC1, using the utilities available on this site.

Everything appears to have gone smoothly and the burner can read CD/DVD’s. When I attempt to do a disc quality scan, the start option is greyed out. This has never happened to me before on a Lite-on drive. Any ideas?

I’ve tried using versions and with no luck. I can’t get my Samsung 223C drive to scan either, despite having removed the registry entries (for 64 bit OS) that normally block it.


You need to have a modified version of CDDVDSpeed for the iHAS series drives.


Hmm, tried that, still no dice. Any other suggestions?


What SATA controller is it on (on your mobo)?

Some controllers can cause issues with optical drives.


[QUOTE=jubjubbird;2530437]What SATA controller is it on (on your mobo)?

Some controllers can cause issues with optical drives.[/QUOTE]100% agreed.

EDIT: if this is the system in the signature, I strongly advise to run the system at stock speeds. Intel Sata controllers normally should be fine. But this is a very new chipset, so I’d check if there are newer drivers (from Intel) and also Bios updates (from the motherboard manufacturer) available.

Apart from that, the Samsung SH-S223C can’t scan at all since it does not have a Mediatek chipset.



It’s not the system in the signature. All my drives scan fine on that one.

The SATA controller is the AMD SB710 southbridge (785G chipset). Any known issues with this controller?

O/T, what chipset does the Samsung 223C have? Thanks for the replies.


My Lite-On’s won’t scan on any SATA ports on my mobo (Gigabyte P55-UD5) the Intel ICH10, the Gigabyte or the Jmicrom controllers. (Or the Marvel ports on my SATA6 card)

Not sure about your motherboard, but I have got round the issue by using a Silicon Image 3132 PCI-E card, which does the job perfectly.