Disk Quality Scan What does it mean?



I have the Aopen 16x DVD burner. I burn the dvd and then use Nero cd speed to scan it’s quality. But I don’t know what the results mean… Here is a copy of the results I get:

General Information
Drive: AOPEN DUW1608/ARR
Firmware: A070
Disc: DVD+R (CMC MAG E01)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 984
Average: 304.24
Total: 2299079
PI failures
Maximum: 0
Average: 0.00
Total: 0
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning statistics
Elapsed time: 6:45
Number of samples: 8393
Average scanning interval: 16.00 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

What does it mean? I can read the disc fine and copy files from it without error…


A graph would be more help, but from the information given the PI errors look awful.

Ben :slight_smile:


I agree, we need a graph to see properly, but that amount of PI errors would make the disc very dodgy.


Here is the best of the bunch. It is my mp3 collection. It reads, copies and plays fine in both my pc and dvd player. My dvd player is an Apex from 2001.

And this is a copy of the first Star Trek TNG dvd. It also plays just fine in both my pc and dvd player.

Dunno what PI errors are. But I don’t seem to find any burned dvds without them.


Set the speed to 4x, not maximum when you scan. That is the standard speed that every body scans at so that we can compare results and know what is considered good and bad. That drive is pretty picky with media (or at least it used to be, they could have improved the firmware). I actually had one of those for about two days (returned it because of the poor media support). It was capable of some pretty good burns with the right media though. That ricohjpnr01 you have burned very well for me (soory, cannot remember what firmware version I used).
Here are some scans including ricohjpnro1 (the last scan wasn’t on the aopen). Click on any image to enlarge.
This is the old version of kprobe so the limits should be 280 for the first graph and 28 for the second graph (the new kprobe is 280 and 4). That is the point where disks generally start to have read problems. Likewise, with your first graph in cdspeed, 280 is where disks generally start to have read problems (if you scan at 4x). It looks like your drive may not be able to report pi errors (not all can). I wouldn’t nessasarilly consider a burn good just because it is under 280 though (it will probably play but may be mqarginal in burn quality). With the right disks and firmware you can get scans well below the limits. Rescan at 4x and see what you get.
Fyi, aopen has a compatible media list on thier web site (media that the firmware supports). Click media coverage on the left to download the pdf. It looks like they have improved it some but there are still lots of medias that I don’t see on thier.


yea I noticed that the chip in the aopen is a ricoh chip and the TDK media is made by ricoh. So I would guess that it is most compatable.


To find out if the discs are flakey, but the error corection is covering it up, have a look at questions 4 and 5 from CDFreaks Media FAQ4)
It will show you how to fully test for errors and how to make sense of the results.