Disk Quality Issues w/20A1L & MCC 03RG20

Burned at 12X using Create Disk. (Didn’t take a screenshot)
Then ran Disk Quality at 8X (Sceenshot attached)
As you can see the quality is horrible. What can I do to improve this? Is it the media, or the drive?


Try a burn @16x…and post the scan. I have the same drive and media.

Do you have SmartBurn enabled???


Where do I find SmartBurn to enable/disable. I haven’t changed it, so whatever it is set at by default.
Here are screenshots of the 16X burn and disk quality test…


You will find Smart-Burn on this page.


Here are my scans @16x with Smart-Burn features enabled.


Well I changed my SMART-BURN setting and retested and got the following :sad:
I don’t know what to do?

You didn’t mention what brand name the media is but it kind of looks like a
media problem to me. Have you tried updating the firmware on the drive yet
sometimes doing that can make a world of difference in your burns. :wink:

It is Verbatim branded MCC 03RG02.
There currently is not a firmware update for my drive.
Anyone recommend the best media to use with this drive?

IMO it’s the drive.

Now to add to the mix, I found a DVD+R that came with my last burner. Is a Plextor branded TY YUDEN000 T02
Burned it at 12X and here are the screens…

Hmmm… I have some Verbatim MCC 03RG20 that burn just fine in my 20A1P,
20A1S and 160P6S drives so as Cressida said it might just be a bad drive then. :confused:

These Lite-On drives have the bad habit of over-reporting errors at the beginning of a scan, especially if 8X scan speed is selected. If you can see it even with a top disc like Plextor T02, then I don’t trust that drive for burning either (just look at the jitter at the start as well). Scanning at 4X speed or at 8X in another drive may give you a perfect result, but personally I don’t trust it and use other drives to burn my discs.

:a Hi

Verbatim branded MCC 03RG02 burned in my Lite-On LH-20A1L will not mount in my BenQ 1650 f/w BCDC!

I cannot even scan it in my BenQ 1650 at all. Nero CD-DVD Speed will freeze upon insertion requiring a reboot.


So what is the best SATA burner out there? I really like the fact that I got rid of all my IDE cables. Should I just RMA this drive and hope for the best, or is there something better out there?

Off-topic - you’ve had so many different media problems with your BenQ that I’m tempted to blame the drive or your setup :wink:

But I guess that’s something for a different thread :wink:

So what do you guys recommend? Should I RMA the drive, or do you believe it’s a media issue?