Disk problem

I used partition magic to create a linux partition.While the program was resizing and moving the partition (in DOS) the system hang and i had to reset.

Whenever i boot after the BIOS sequence , i only see a black screen where the system freezes and i can’t have access to windows (98SE FAT32).

Now i’m using an older hard disk with windows 98SE , which by the way can recognize my other disk!

So my data aren’t lost , but there must be a problem with the boot sector.

Is there a solution so that i won’t have to format the disk ?

Well if you can get a hold of an xp cd then you could use it to boot into recovery console and there are a couple of commands you can issue to fix the mbr or write a new bootsector.

If you have the windows 98/SE install disk, you could simply try to reinstall either version with just the non-functioning hard drive. It shouldn’t erase the programs/data already on the drive, however because the boot sector/partition may be messed up i can’t make any promisses…better to re-install than to have to format and go from there…
Also, save any important info to your other hard drive or to cd, ect… if you don’t want to have to re-download things ect… especially any registered programs if you have lost the key/reg code
good luck :wink:

I tried all the programs i could find … fixboot,fixmb and many others but i still couldn’t boot.I even tried to enter the values on MBR manually.

Anyway i formatted my disk and upgraded to windows 2000 , so problem solved :slight_smile:

At least my data weren’t lost since i copied them to my old seagate hard disk.