Disk not reading



This has happened to me once before, though i cant remember what i did about i then. I got a game the other day and as i put it in to install it nothing happened (pretty normal), so i went to my computer and looked in the dvd drive (E), and nothing was there. So i went to start:run and typed E:/Autorun.exe and also said that nothing was in the drive. After that i put 2 disks into the drive (printer disk, and a music cd) and both worked, though when i tryed a different game (already installed so i dont realy need the disk) it appeared as if i wasnt in the drive either.

So atm im getting kinda annoyed that i cant get this. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

(and btw i have Windows xp Media Center Edition 2005 if it helps any)


Probably a bad disc, try returning it for a different one