Disk Not Formatted / Drive detection errors

Hi all
I have a Liteon 411s dual dvdrw drive and i have had loads of problems with it finding the disks i put in. The drive continually thows up the error Disk Not formatted even with new Movie dvds, blank media, music cds anything at all, this problem also effects the other ordinary drive in my system, it like all cd drives in general are not recognising cds of any description. The problem has only started after installing the 411S from liteon. When it occurs you can see both drives ok in explorer and they report back as working properly and there is no errors but they will not read and type of cd. If i boot up with a dvd in the dvdrw drive then about 50 % of the time the drive will see the cd and there is no error. one other thing the drive seems to remember the name of the last recognised cd in the drive eve when the cd is not in there!. My system is WinXP home, 256 memory, Asus A7n8X Mobo, Ati Rage 128 pro Gfx. I have already flashed the liteon 411S firmware and this has made no difference.
Please can anyone help me with this problem as it is driving me mad.

Arma :slight_smile:


well I would suggest that you update your IDE drivers on your mother board. you can find out what IDE drivers you have by going to device manager and then looking under IDE atapi devices .