Disk Juggler Error Question

I just dled a “backup” DC game from an AOL chat. I unrared it and everything, checked everything to see if it was corrupt, but it said it was fine. I tried burning it with disk juggler 3.5 trial version, but i get some error saying:

command sequence error or program area is or is not empty

It gives me that within a couple secs of burning and stops. Does anyone know what could be wrong? I made a successful copy of the utopia boot disk and another game with was around 200+mb Anyways…thanks for all of the info in advance and i hope you guys can help.


check the nfo first maybe you have to burn this one with diskjuggler 2.X. Some old burners can’t burn Dc games.

Hey, thanks…I already figured it out…sorry i didnt say it before. If anyone has this same problem, post here, and ill tell you how to do it. Thanks for the reply.