Disk in drive cause constant rebooting

Hi, I’m running XP Pro SP2, a Lite-On DVDRW SOHW 1673. New system purchased 6/05. The drive has worked fine till recently. No new hardware, no real new software (just Counterspy). Now if I put ANY disk in the drive, it cause XP to reboot and stays in a reboot loop, with the BSOD…I get a black screen showing options of “load normal, safe, or command prompt”, but it makes no difference-system just continues to reboot. There is a error msg, but it goes by too fast. I’ve tried using the “pause” key, but I am never able to hit the error screen-I always miss the error screen & it just scrolls on by. If I take the disk out, system reboots, loads and runs fine. Device Mgr show no issue, “This device is working properly.” Any thoughts or recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks

1st, be sure that XP is set to BSOD and not restart, in system properties - advanced - startup and recovery. That may or may not help get you an error message.

Next, open event viewer and see what it has to say about recent errors.

Still no luck, turn off auto-insert-notification.

Still no luck, uninstall Counterspy (whatever that is).

Hi, i’ve been having the same problem, i was trying to install WoW but every time i attempted to install from the CD’s i’d get a BSOD (Machine_Check_Excepetion) I’m using an LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4167B Drive, i’ll admit, this problem was causing me alot of stress after trying numerous methods of fixing it until the early morning without any luck, in the end i just located my drive on the LG site and updated the Driver, no more BSOD.

I hope this helps

Did you make sure your power and HDD conectors aren’t not loose? Also I never heard of counterspy but if it boggs down your system it’s not worth the headache. I think it sounds like a loose power connector?? Also what firmware do you have on the drive compared to the company listing? What kinda cable do you have 40 or 80 pin or sata connector? If 80 make sure the cable is not kincked or broken and also make sure the drive is dust free since it’s past the warranty you should be able to open it and blow out the dust and cleans the laser lens-that something I do when I need to.

May be the disk is infected with some kind of virus.