Disk id

I down loaded nero cd speed last night and noticed there are differences with dvd identifier.
nero identifies verbatim’s manufacturer as verbatim but Identifier ID’s as Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.

But what disturbed me was that Nero Identified Taiyo Yuden as unknown while Identifier said it was Taiyo Yuden.

Anyone know why this is? Could the Taiyo’s be fake?


What is the actual MID displayed?..both dvd identifier and nero will display this info.
MCC does manufacture verbatim, but not all verbatim is manufactured by MCC. AFAIK, all Taiyo Yuden is manufactured by Taiyo Yuden.


Some of the known TY fake brands are:
Infosmart, Optodisc, MAM-America, MAM-Europe and are “seen” as TYG02.

Where did you buy 'em?


The mid’s are the same for them both {YUDEN 000 T 02 000 (00H) (Nero)}
YUDEN 000 T 02 000 000 (Identifier)

Identifier Identifies the manufacturer as Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd
Nero Identifies the manufacturer as unknown

Bought at Meritline as Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD +R silver Thermal Premium line


I think you’re ok.
A number of us have bought from meritline. While some don’t like this retailer…they have been known to substitute, say shipping TYG 03s instead of TYG02s, they have never sold fake or bogus media afaik. I’ve purchased quite a bit of media from them without any problems.
The MID you posted is legit.
I don’t have an explanation as to why the difference in dvd identifier and nero.
Do you have another optical drive that you could repeat the ID process with?

No The drive I am using id a Pioneer 111L 8.29

Ok…just a thought.
Like I said, I really think the media is ok.
Bottom line…you’re not having any problem with them, right?

Nope and thanks for all your help!!


Sure thing… :cool:

Has this happened to anyone else? Where nero dvd speed identifies Taiyo yudens manufacturer as unknown?