Disk full message cause record hang

I have one liteone 5005 and one 5005xs recorder. Both have the same problem. When I got a disk full message the recorder will stop the recording process and jump to ttep “stopping”. This stopping process will run for a whole day until you unplus the unit from the wall. I tried to press the power off, stop, record etc button but no response from the recorder. If I unplus the power from the wall the dvd will become a bad disk. Any idea what wrong and how to fix it ?


I think what is wrong is that the 451 and 813 burners in these recorders do a very bad job of recording after the 80% region (outer rim of the disc; read the reviews in this forum and others). This results in the burner not being able to close the session or finalize the disc. There is a small chance you may be able to get better results with different discs (HP 4x DVD+RW is such a candidate; again read the forum posts). The easier way is obviously to avoid recording beyond the 80 to 90% capacity of the disc. The life span of these burners also seem to be limited to about 300 hours of recording: that is why you read about so many people ‘replacing the drive’.