Disk formatted every time

I just started using the timer record function on the dvd recorder (lvw-1105hc), and I don’t know if that’s related or not. It records fine, but if I turn off the unit without finalizing the disk (only 2 hours had been used), every time I turn it back on, it says its a blank disk, and formats it. :frowning: Anyone know why this is happening?

Try turning “Protection” on in the recording.

How do I do that? I looked for it in the menus, but I’m not seeing it.

In the DVD menu, highlight a title, press the Edit button in the remote, there should be a Protection box in there.

Thank you! I was just going to edit, not with the title highlighted. I’ll try a timer record in the morning, and see how it goes. The only problem I foresee is that it seems to shut off after the timer recording is done, so I can’t protect the thing I just recorded, just titles previously on the disc.

Actually, it seems that it doesn’t turn off directly after recording, but after a certain amount of time. Is there a way to change that so it always stays on?

I don’t think so.

Its the Autosleep setting that turns it off you can set an amount of time or always have it on.

Yeah I found it, thanks. It still turns off automatically after recording though, and protecting the title didn’t work anyway. I bought some Verbatim discs, the good ones that are supposed to be very scratch resistant and all that. I also bought a lens cleaner. Hopefully one of them will work. crosses fingers If they don’t I guess I’ll update the firmware just in case.