Disk error

Hi there, Someone gave me a Dishnetwork pvr. it had a WD 500 gig sata drive so i thought it would go great in my pc. the bios detects it as the fourth master but wont allow my pc to boot from my main drive. I get a disk error message and the pc hangs. Is the drive shot or does it need to be formatted? If so, how do I format it if i cant boot? if i disconnect the drive the pc boots normally but it wont detect the drivafter i plug it in like a usb. I never checked the dvr and i threw away the IRD after i pulled the drive.


Hi and Welcome!

HDDs used in home entertainment components often have a proprietary file system on it. Perhaps you find the drive here: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/index.asp?cat=7 (check the sub-categries)
I would suggest this:
Get WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (CD) from WD website.
Burn the ISO to CD-R using ImgBurn.
Then disconnect your normal HDDs and have only the “new” drive hooked up (and at least one optical drive).
Then boot from the DLG CD. It will allow you to check the drive hardware, as well as it can wipe the entire disc. Wiping is needed in order to have a chance to use that drive in a computer at all.