Disk Error checking with 708A?

Is there a program that will scan disks for C1/C2 and PI/PO errors with my Plextor 708A? Or will I forever regret not buying a 712? ;x

No, this does only work with a 712A.

Here is an idea:

If you buy a lite-on 812 drive that will cost you about $70 and you
can use kprobe therewith.

The price of PX708A and 812S will be just a little bit more than
the price of PX712A. Moreover, you will have 2 drives.

Good luck

I suggest that you should buy a 712A to do the test.

708 use sanyo’s chipest,but I think it won’t support any functions of scan disc error forever.

BUT the preformance of 708 is really VERY good !!!(as good as 712A,except for Q-CHECK ;))

But not as good as some cheaper drives. Sorry to say that!